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Four Michelin P235-55-R17 Tires. Approximatley 30,500 Miles on Tires. 7/32 tread. Good Condition. $200 for set.
A crome Bumper w/small step. Fits a 1996-1998 Ford F-150 & F-250. Good Condition with all mounting hardware. $125.
Four Crome Truck Rings for 15" Tires. Came Off A 1998 Chevy Truck. $20 each.
A 55 Gallon Diesel Tank (Stationary). Heavy Gauge Metal with hand Pump & Filter. Approximatley 4' Long x 2 1/2' High. $140.
Two 55 Gallon Plastic Water Barrels w/spigot at bottom for storing rainwater. $35 each.
Call 229-344-1886.

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